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 Two bags of our 2 Ounce samples of our delicious Whole Bean Bold Brazilian coffee.

  • Brazilian
  • 100% Arabica
  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Whole Bean
  • 2-2 ounce bags


Bold Brazilian

Our Brazilian coffee is a unique coffee that is processed using a semi-washed technique where part of the cherry is left on the bean during the drying process.  This coffee has a medium body, smooth acidity and is very rich and robust.

Coffee Story

Brazilian - Bold and bright – like a powerful, sunny day! The smoothness of this coffee is astonishing. Truly worth trying.  The flavor is rich and noteworthy. 

Brazil – Brazil Cerrado


Cerrado is a coffee growing region in Minas Gerais. This is a high, semi-arid plateau surrounding the city of Patrocinio, between São Paulo and Brasilia. This area is located in Brazil’s central high plains region.

The altitude in the region lies around 900 meters above sea level. the region is mostly flat, Most of the coffee is dry processed coffee. Cerrado coffees have a classic Brazilian cup profile: a big rounded body,  low acidity, medium sweetness and flavour notes of nuts, chocolate and malt on occasions.



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Have you discovered how awesome our coffee is yet?  

If you have, you  know you want it week after week.  We have great subscription options that give you a fantastic deal and make it even more convenient! 

You also know that this a gift that all your family and friends would cherish.  Our extraordinary coffee as gift is always appreciated!  whoever you send this to will love you for it!! 

Don't forget, Coffee Commitment coffee boxes make great corporate and business gifts! You cannot go wrong with one of our pre-paid subscriptions as a perk or reward!

Choose 4 bags of our 12 ounce bags of whole bean coffee to be delivered every month on time, every month.  This is our best price yet. 

Delivery frequency is once a month.  You may make changes to the coffee options 1 time per month.
Plus, FREE SHIPPING for this box!

You will be able to select which coffee you prefer.
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