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Six years ago I met Erica Grieve (the founder of Unlikely Heroes) at a Christmas Party in the Hollywood Hills. This meeting set me on a course, a journey of sorts, into a darkness I had not yet know. As she spoke and I awoke to the realities of human sex trafficking, a profound sense of need and urgency hit me. What could I do to help? I had always considered myself a educated, sophisticated, savvy New Yorker. I had prided myself on being aware and "in the know." Yet, I had not registered, recognized, seen, understood anything of this vile criminal industry.

Time passed and after much prayer, meditation and counsel, I decided to go on a missions trip into "the most trafficked region of the globe;" South East Asia. I am on board to end human trafficking in our lifetime.

And so begins the journey of my discovery. Following, uncovering and attacking this very real element in our global society. Over the last 2 and a half years, we have gathered interviews and footage from various "Abolitionists" who have dedicated their lives to anti trafficking work. What I have learned from them has changed my life. My deepest heart's desire, is that it does the same for you!

Please help us complete the documentary. We are presently in post production and I would love you to donate to complete this important film. As well, take a listen to my interview at BBOX RADIO with Laura Spaeth about the documentary.  You can do that here here.  

To learn more about our documentary please visit our website. And, please, above all else, have the courage and strengthen to continue your education into this industry. We all need to engage and be transformed to abolish it. Slavery must end.

Christinan Zorich